What do I do

except to have fun


Nature photography is always a pleasure. It doesn't matter if I take pictures of the whole valley or just a detail of a leaf. The fun must be felt from every photo.


Humans are beautiful creatures. Shooting a live beautiful object is amazing, and it's important to have fun every time I stand behind the camera. Fun that is felt from the final photo.


Editing photos and videos is an activity where I try to get the most out of every shot or photo. When I see how the picture changes and creates just because of my editing it's really fun.


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About me

Me… divorced father of a beautiful teenage daughter with a passion for photography, video editing and post-production.

After leaving the agency that represented me for over a decade, I decided to continue with my obsession as a freelancer, but with much more fun.

If you like my work in photography and video editing, I will be very happy if you decide to work with me. It’s going to be fun, you see.

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Do you want to take a set of your photos or edit your photos and videos? Did you decide to support me, or just write me a few lines? I am pleased with every message, but remember, mainly fun!

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photographer who likes to have fun